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How Do You Know When Your Roof Shingles Are Damaged?

The most obvious signs of damage are curling, warping, and cracking of the shingles. They may begin to fall off of your roof as well. There are other warning signs that your shingles are damaged to stay aware of. You don’t necessarily need to replace the roof. As long as the damage isn’t extensive, then it usually only needs repair.

Attic Leaks

Shingle damage might cause leaks in the attic. You should check the attic for leaks after a storm, including what you may think of as minor storms, like thunderstorms and windstorms. They could still damage your roof and other areas of your house. Even one damaged shingle is enough to allow moisture and water inside of your home.

Ceiling and Wall Stains

Roof leaks may cause stains on the ceiling and walls. Ideally, you don’t want to find out about the leak this way because your ceiling is at risk of collapse once it has gotten to this point.

Sagging Ceiling

This is another warning sign that comes with a high risk of your ceiling collapsing from the water damage. Just as with stains, sagging ceilings could be caused by leaks, which may mean that your shingles are damaged.

Dark Streaks on the Shingles

Many homeowners assume that dark streaks on the shingles are dirt, but it’s usually a type of algae that feeds on your roof materials. You need to promptly remove the algae to protect your shingles. The black streaks could be mold, which is a more serious issue than algae. Mold on a roof often coincides with rot. You should quickly remove the mold and inspect the shingles for damage. Never use a pressure washer to clean your roof because it could damage it.

Mold on the Exterior Walls

You might overlook mold on the exterior walls, thinking that it doesn’t matter outside of the home, but it could be a sign of shingle damage. Roof leaks are a possible cause of mold on the exterior walls.

Cracked or Broken Roof Vents

If your roof vent has sustained damage, then other shingles on your roof might also be damaged. The surrounding shingles around the roof vent are likely areas of damage. You should take a close look at the vent to check for cracks in the material. In this situation, the vents need to be replaced. Caulk won’t work to fix them. Check the base’s bottom edge for loose or missing nails, as this is common when the vent has been damaged. They’ll need to be replaced as well.

Loose or Rusting Step Flashing

If you’ve noticed that your step flashing is loose or rusting, then it’s possible that the shingles underneath it are also damaged or growing mold or algae. Loose flashing might allow water to seep underneath it, especially if it has holes from rust or missing pieces.

Although it’s obvious, the best way to detect damage to your roof is to give it a thorough visual inspection after high-wind conditions and storms. Check for leaks in the attack too. These are the earliest warning signs that your roof has damaged shingles. At Ed & J United Roofing, we offer roofing repair in Bakersfield, California, so call us today to schedule an appointment.

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