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Discovering a leaking or damaged roof is very upsetting. The first thought is always the potential for costly water damage to your home that can also result in a mold infestation. Homeowners and commercial property owners alike wonder if Bakersfield roof repair is a viable option or a waste of time and money. Fortunately, the Ed and J United Roofing team provides free price quotes for any commercial or residential roof repair that might be needed.

As a locally owned and operated roofing contractor, Ed and J United Roofing staff members have served the Kern County community for three decades. That hands-on experience means that they have the knowledge and skills to professionally repair all types of roofs and roof damage in a cost-effective manner backed by a workmanship warranty. Call (661) 485-3354 for a fast and free price quote for any Bakersfield roof leak repair from the experts at Ed and J United Roofing.

Signs Of A Bakersfield Leaky Roof

Few people ever really look at the roof on their home or commercial building. It is just a part of the general view as you walk up to the entry door or are driving away from the property. So every consumer must understand the common signs of a roof leak to know when to call (661) 485-3354 for professional roof leak repair in Bakersfield. Some of the common indications of a roof issue that you will notice inside the structure include:

At the first indication of a roof leak or damage to your roof, call (661) 485-3354 for a free price quote for a complete and warrantied repair.

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Severe Roof Damage And Roof Debris

When a storm rolls through Bakersfield, roof damage is always possible. However, it can be challenging to know the extent of the damage from the ground. So it is tempting to climb up for a better look at the roof and potential damage. But, please understand, there can also be damage that is hard to detect but could make the roof unsafe.

Only trained professionals, like the crew at Ed and J United Roofing, should ever walk on a roof with potential damage. Even if the roof’s surface looks intact, there could be damage to the roof’s structural support that could result in a catastrophic injury to anyone stepping on the damaged area. In addition, large branches or other debris could have damaged many parts of the roof before coming to rest in their current location. So call (661) 485-3354 and know that our experts will evaluate your roof and provide you with an honest and complete evaluation of any damage. And you will not need to risk your safety.

Make The Wise Choice

A free professional price quote is the smart choice, even if you only suspect minor damage or a few broken roof tiles. Decades of experience and training allow the Ed and J United Roofing pros to locate concealed issues and damage to ensure that your Bakersfield roofing repair is thorough and will provide a reliable long-term solution to any roof damage or leaky roof issues. Our team is also happy to provide you with a cost quote for a roof replacement if your current roof is reaching the end of its reliability. Our goal is to provide our customers with as many cost-effective solutions as possible to best meet their needs and budget. So call (661) 485-3354 for free, expert advice about any Bakersfield roof repair.