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4 Steps to Prep Your Roof and Gutters for Storms

Once the storm season arrives in Bakersfield, California, a lot of damage can occur to your roof due to the high winds that are present throughout the region. Although Bakersfield is known to have a hot and dry climate, heavy rainfall that occurs in the fall and winter can lead to expensive repairs. Here are a few ways to prep your roof and gutters to reduce the risk of repairs that are needed.

1. Schedule an Inspection

Hire a professional from a company like Ed & J United Roofing, which serves southern San Joaquin Valley, to inspect your roof for any damage or leaks that are present. They’ll look for damaged or missing shingles. Curled shingles are also extremely common due to the excessive heat and sun exposure the roofs in Bakersfield experience. These materials need to be replaced and can also indicate the roof has reached the end of its lifespan.

2. Trim the Trees

Many houses in Bakersfield have large and mature trees, especially properties in the downtown area. Start by trimming the trees in your yard that are in close proximity to the roof and gutters, which can cause damage in high winds. The trees can easily puncture the roof and cause extensive damage to occur, making it necessary to cut back branches that have grown too close to the building.

It’s also necessary to perform an inspection of the trees to determine if they’re old, dying, or weak. Old and weak trees are prone to breaking and causing damage to your house. A tree surgeon can determine whether the tree can be saved or if it’s safer to remove it.

3. Use Tarps

Tarps are an effective way to cover your roof and reduce the amount of water damage that occurs if leaks develop in the middle of a storm. With tarps, you can perform temporary repairs if they’re needed until a roofer can arrive on the property.

4. Clean the Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is the most effective way to prepare for storm season to ensure water can flow freely off of the roof. Remove twigs, debris, and leaves that have accumulated throughout the season. Dented or uneven gutters also need to be replaced to ensure the parts continue to operate correctly and don’t allow leaks to develop on the top of your house.

Contact our team today to learn more about how you can prepare your roof and gutters for the storm season in Bakersfield, California. Our team is available to answer your questions and will be happy to provide you with the roofing services we offer.

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