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Fall Roofing Tips for Homeowners

While you can bring the roof down with some great country music in the country music capital of the West Coast, no homeowner literally wants to ruin their roof. To ensure that your roof stays in good condition, it needs to undergo regular maintenance. As the fall season approaches, there are a few tasks that you should be completing.

Invest in a Pre-Winter Roof Inspection

Fall is the perfect time of year to have a roofing expert come out to inspect your home’s roof. While you may be able to see some of your roof from your yard, it’s highly unlikely that you’re able to see all of it. A professional roof inspection will allow us to climb up on your roof and assess your shingles, vents, flashings, gutters, and so forth. We’ll inform you of any known or foreseeable problems that should be addressed before they get worse.

Trim Back Trees

While Bakersfield, CA has an ideal environment for many beautiful trees, you need to be mindful of how they can affect your roof. It’s best to trim back any tree branches that are extending over or near your roof. You don’t want to have a branch come down and smash into your roof or any of its debris to get stuck on your roof.

Clean Your Gutters

Alongside your shingles, your gutters are a necessary part of your home’s water diversion system. Over time, they can get gunked up with debris, such as leaves, that will restrict the flow of water. It’s a good idea to climb up on your ladder and clean out those gutters in the fall. Make sure that you test all of your downspouts to ensure that they’re free from debris as well.

Consider Adding Gutter Guards

If you have old-school gutters with an open top, it may be time to consider purchasing gutter guards. These guards work to keep large debris from making its way into your gutters. It also helps to prevent gunk buildup so that you don’t have to clean your gutters as often.

Check for Leaks

Not all roofing leaks are obvious, especially when they’re small. Now is the time to head up to your attic and take a look around. You want to look for any areas that are obviously wet, have yellow staining, warping, or other signs of water damage. If you locate any leaks, they should be addressed by a roofing professional before they get worse and cause more damage to your home.

As the colder fall weather approaches, it’s time to get your roof prepped for the incoming winter weather. Although Bakersfield doesn’t get snow, there are heavy rains sometimes during the winter. By following the maintenance tips above, you can work to extend the longevity of your roof. Be sure to contact Ed & J United Roofing today to get the necessary roofing assistance that you need for your home.

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