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Professional Maintenance Can Prepare Your Roof For the Upcoming Winter

As fall begins to turn into winter in Bakersfield, CA, homeowners need experts in home maintenance on hand to help them. Winter can be particularly rough in this region with damp rain and high winds. Fall is the ideal time to have your roof examined as you prepare for the turn of the seasons. Our experts can show you what to do keep your roof in good working order.

Check the Chimney Flashing

Chimneys serve an important purpose in any home. A chimney allows the homeowner to keep smoke away from the rest of the house. While chimneys look good and serve a useful purpose, they can also present problems. This is where our experts can assist you. We’ll look closely at your chimney during our roofing inspection. That gives us a chance to see that all is in good working order. In some cases, the chimney may have a problem with leaks. Leaks are visible as we inspect the chimney’s flashing. We’ll fix any problems we find right away.

Get Rid of Debris

During the summer, it’s easy for all kinds of debris to fall on top of your roof. That includes tree branches, mud, and dirt. Falling debris can pose a hazard. It can also compromise the overall safety and functionality of your roof. That is why we’ll get on top of your roof and remove any unwanted items.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters direct water away from your home. That helps you avoid moisture problems on the roof as well as near your foundation. Over time, your gutters can develop many kinds of problems. They may be leaning away from the house. The gutters can also get clogged with falling leaves and other material. Our professionals will examine your gutters closely. We’ll note any problems with the structure of the gutters and restore them. Well also remove any obstacles the gutters might have that impedes the free flow of water away from your home.

Examining the Attic

Many homes in Bakersfield, CA have an attic. Attics provide additional living and storage space. However, the attic is also closest to the roofline. This means your attic may be vulnerable to damage such as leaks. A leaking attic can also be an indication something is seriously wrong with your entire roof. Our experts will get above the attic and check for any damaged roofing tiles and other issues. If we find any problems, we can help you decide on your next course of action. We offer all of our clients both roofing repairs and a complete roofing replacement.

Winter can be tough on your roof. Now is the ideal time to get in touch with our skilled experts in roof maintenance at Ed & J United Roofing.

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