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Roofing Hazards: How to Spot and Address Them

Roofs are a common sight in any residential or commercial area. They protect interiors from the elements and can last many years with proper maintenance. However, they are not without their hazards. They can be dangerous if problems are not addressed correctly and quickly. Fortunately, common roofing hazards can easily be identified and managed with the right know-how. Here are a few roofing issues to watch out for and how to handle them.

Sagging or Collapsing Roof

Whether it’s due to poor construction or lack of maintenance, falling roof components can cause serious injury, and a sagging roof can collapse. Therefore, you should have your roofing contractor inspect the roof structure and make any necessary repairs to avoid a potential failure. The company should also use appropriate safety equipment to protect workers during the process.

When fixing a failing roof, your roofer must check for various issues from loose shingles and tiles to worn-out materials. Make sure they also inspect any adjacent walls and structures for weaknesses.

Exposed Nails and Sharp Objects

Roofing materials are held together with nails. When these are exposed, it can be hazardous for workers and homeowners alike. To address this, your roofer will use a nail gun to drive nails in quickly and accurately. This helps minimize the risk of exposed nails. They can also use a hammer to smooth out sharp edges from metal sheets or flashing. For an extra layer of protection, a roofer can apply protective strips over sharp edges. This will help to minimize the danger and reduce workplace injuries.

Pooling Water

When the rainy season hits, pooling water can become a serious issue on your roof. It can cause damage to the structure and create an unsafe environment. To address this issue, your roofer will check to ensure the drainage system works properly. They will also check for any missing, damaged, or blocked gutters and downspouts and may need to replace them. If the roof’s slope is not adequate, they may need to add additional material or flashing to improve drainage.


When it comes to roofing hazards, mold or a musty odor is a serious indication that there’s something wrong. If you see or smell anything suspicious, it may be time to take a break and investigate. It could be a problem with the ventilation system or a leak that has gone unnoticed. Either way, it’s worth talking to a roofer and having them take a look. They will be able to tell you the source of the odor and advise you on the best way to deal with it.

Roofs can be a source of danger if not appropriately maintained. But with the right precautions and guidance, you can keep your roof safe and enjoy the protection it provides for many years. If you spot any of the hazards mentioned earlier, get your roof checked out and fixed quickly. Our team of professionals at Ed & J United Roofing will inspect your roof in Bakersfield to ensure it is safe and efficient, so contact us today for a free estimate!

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