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Top 5 Reasons to Repair Your Roof in the Springtime

As winter turns into spring, those household to-do lists are typically a priority. Although cleaning the interior is a common chore, cleaning and inspecting the home’s exterior should also be included on your chore list. Additionally, you need to have your roof inspected by a professional roofer, and you need to arrange for problems to be repaired if the roofer finds any during the inspection. Spring is the perfect time to make roofing repairs for five reasons.

1. Catching Winter Damage Early

Your roof is subjected to harsh weather conditions all winter long. Pounding rain, hail and strong wind gusts are normal conditions in most areas. In the spring, roofers can find this damage early on. There might be small divots from hail on the shingles, for example. These areas can be repaired before they wear down any further. Allowing damage to remain in place only leads to leaks in the future.

2. Beating the Crowd

Roofers are usually busy during the summer and early fall. Spring is still a slow period, which means you can beat the crowd by setting up your inspection and scheduling repairs without difficulty. You will not have to compete with other homeowners for highly experienced contractors and convenient appointment times. Because roofers are not inundated with multiple jobs as they are during the summer, they will be able to give better time and attention to your issues.

3. Benefiting From Additional Light

During the spring, the sun stays up longer than in the winter. This additional light gives our roofers a chance to complete extensive work without returning the next day. You benefit with a repair job that’s streamlined and of high quality.

Extra light also means you can schedule an appointment later in the day. If you have to work in the morning, for example, roofers can fix all of your issues during a late afternoon appointment.

4. Preparing the Home for Summer

Repairing your roof in the spring improves its energy efficiency. Roofers repair damaged or missing shingles, which contributes to a cooler interior during the summer. As a result, you won’t have to use the air conditioner as much, and this will result in lower energy bills.

5. Avoiding Temperature Extremes

The spring offers some of the best weather for roofing repairs. Roofers do not have to constantly rest from the oppressive heat during the summer months. The materials are also in good shape. Extreme heat and cold can cause shingles, metal flashing and other materials to expand and contract which makes working with them challenging. With moderate temperatures, roofers can install the materials without any issues.

A springtime appointment with our roofers can give you a roof that’s more efficient. Be the first in line to have your roof inspected and fixed in a timely manner. For a quality roof repair, contact Ed & J United Roofing in Bakersfield, CA, today!

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