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Quality construction and workmanship should always be the priority when selecting a Arvin roofing company. At Ed and J United Roofing, owner Jesse Torres has built his company with great care focusing on craftsmanship and high standards for each employee and project. While we are not the largest roofing contractor in Arvin, we are sure to be the one that offers the highest quality finished product at the best value.

When you call (661) 485-3354, we want you to be impressed from the first moment you speak to a team member. We understand that you might be under a tremendous amount of stress because of roof damage, a leaking roof, or one that is worn out. But please know that we will do everything possible to ease your mind and provide cost-effective solutions. As a full-service Arvin roofer, our teams can handle any job, large or small, and provide you with a reliable roof to protect your home or commercial property.

Dependable and Affordable Roof Replacement

At Ed and J United Roofing, we understand that replacing your roof is a significant investment. And this service must carry a warranty on the installation as well as the materials. Therefore, in addition to providing the most affordable pricing scale possible, we extend a 10-year warranty on workmanship and the manufacturer’s warranty on all materials used in your roof replacement. Call (661) 485-3354 today for a free price quote.

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Get in touch with the reliable roofers in Arvin to schedule a free service estimate!

Fast And Professional Roof Repair

Even a small roof leak can create tens of thousands of dollars in water and mold damage. So the team at Ed and J United Roofing is always prepared to respond quickly when you call (661) 485-3354 for a leaking roof in Arvin. Our staff will thoroughly assess the roof, any damage we locate and provide a free price quote for the recommended and fully warrantied repair. In addition, if the roof is reaching the end of its reliability, we are happy to provide a price quote for a replacement. In many cases, that is a better investment than a repair. However, we will always work with you to ensure that the options provided will work for your budget and needs, both immediate and long-term.

Superior Skylight Installation

Many residents are confident that a skylight installation is fast and simple. And when entrusted to the team at Ed and J United Roofing, that is true. However, if the project falls into the hands of anyone other than a professional roofer, the outcome could be a skylight that doubles as a water feature when it begins leaking. So never allow anyone but your trusted roofing experts to cut a hole in your roof. Our reputation and warranty will provide the added peace of mind you need to enjoy that new skylight.

Complete Commercial Roofing In Arvin

When you own or manage a commercial property, you quickly learn that these roofs require more service and care than a typical residential one. Fortunately, a call to (661) 485-3354 is all you need to do when it is time for a roof inspection, commercial roof repair, or even a price for a replacement roof. The experts at Ed and J United Roofing have the expertise and skills needed to keep your expensive commercial roof in peak condition to protect your business or the businesses of your tenants.

New Construction Roofs

As you start a new construction project, the Arvin roofer you select is critical to the project’s outcome. That surface will be protecting the inside of the property for many years, and it needs to be the highest quality possible. Call (661) 485-3354 for a free price quote from the Ed and J United Roofing team for a new commercial or residential construction roof. Our standards are the highest in the industry because our valued customers deserve the best.