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Understandably, you want the best Lamont roofer for your home or commercial roofing project. And that means your Lamont roofing company is Ed and J United Roofing. With over 30 years in the industry, owner Jesse Torres has built a company that works to a higher standard because he believes that is what consumers deserve. Each team member knows that an average job is just not good enough for Ed and J United Roofing. That desire to achieve more and provide nothing short of the best in the business sets us apart from all of the others.

When you call (661) 485-3354, you quickly begin to see the attention to detail, dedication to customer service, and higher standards that come from Ed and J United Roofing. Messages are answered rapidly, every job request receives a free price quote, and the company owner can be found on each job site during the project. These steps ensure customer satisfaction and quality workmanship on repairs, roof replacements, skylight installations, and new construction projects.

Dependable Roof Replacements

When your roof reaches the end of its life expectancy, it can be confusing to know whom to trust with this substantial project. However, the moment you speak to Jesse Torres or one of his roofing experts, you will know that you have made the right choice. Years of experience and expertise, a strong work ethic, and integrity are all cornerstones for each Ed and J United Roofing team member. You will be impressed by their skills, manners, and respect for your property as they install your fully warrantied roof replacement.

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Quick Response For Roof Repairs

There is never a good time to discover damage to your roof or a roof leak. So the team at Ed and J United Roofing pledges to offer the fastest response time possible when you call (661) 485-3354 for a professional roof repair. We never want our customers to feel compelled to climb up and investigate roof damage or issues on their own. This is a potentially hazardous choice that can lead to a severe injury. Instead, let out experts safely inspect your roof for any damage or issues causing the leaks and your worry.

Exciting New Skylights

Adding skylights to your home or commercial property increases natural light, ventilation, and property value. However, unless the installation is completed by a professional Lamont roofing contractor like Ed and J United Roofing, there could be significant issues with leaks and property damage in the future. The only people you should trust to cut a hole in your roof are the professionals who are qualified to repair or build that roof. So call (661) 485-3354 and know that your new skylight will be installed correctly and backed by a full warranty.

Your Commercial Roofing Partner

Managing or owning a commercial property means that you need to have a team of reliable professionals ready to lend a hand at a moment’s notice. At Ed and J United Roofing, we understand that even a tiny roof leak can bring your tenant’s business to a halt. So we deliver on fast response times, affordable repair solutions, and the professionalism you need for your property. So call (661) 485-3354 for all your commercial roof service, emergency repairs, or new roofing needs, and know we will provide you with fast and affordable solutions.

Your Go-To New Construction Lamont Roofing Contractor

As a full-service roofing company, the pros at Ed and J United Roofing are excited to be a part of your new home or commercial property project. Call us at (661) 485-3354 to discuss your needs and how we can contribute to the success of your build with the highest quality roofing and customer service in the industry. And now all of our services are backed by a 10-year warranty on labor and the manufacturer’s warranty on materials.