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Oildale Roofing Services

The Oildale community has been relying on the expertise of Jesse Torres and the Ed and J United Roofing team of professionals for many years. With over three decades in the industry in the Kern County area, he knows the challenges that roofs in the region face and how to provide the most value to community members for their hard-earned money. From new construction to repairs and roof replacements, Ed and J United Roofing is the Oildale roofer known for both quality service and great pricing.

When you call (661) 485-3354, you can expect a fast response and a free price quote for any services you need. As a full-service Oildale roofing company, Ed and J United Roofing is ready to respond quickly when your roof has suffered storm damage, or there are signs of water damage in your home or commercial property. Please, never risk your safety climbing onto the roof to look for damage or a leak. Leave this hazardous work to our experts, and know that we will provide you with a reliable assessment of the roof’s condition.

Cost-Effective Roof Replacement

No one is ever looking forward to a roof replacement project. Of course, the first concern is always the project’s cost, but there are also worries about the time and mess involved. However, the experts at Ed and J United Roofing understand that all of these issues are significant concerns, so we work with you to overcome all of them. Our staff delivers from offering the most affordable fee structure of any professional roofing contractor in Oildale to keeping the project on time. And the job is not considered complete until you are happy with everything, including our clean-up process.

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Exceptional Roof Repairs

You might think that a hole in your roof is the worst thing that can happen. However, a hidden roof leak can be equally as upsetting. All you know is that water is leaking into your home. But you have no idea where a repair is needed. That is when a call to (661) 485-3354 is critical. The roofing experts at Ed and J United Roofing have decades of experience working with all kinds of roof damage and repairs, from a massive hole from a tree branch to a concealed leak at the flashing or a ventilation pipe. Our pros will locate the issue and provide you with a price quote for the repair. In addition, that repair will be backed by our outstanding labor and materials warranty.

Professional Skylight Installation

The thought of added natural light without compromising on privacy is very appealing to property owners. However, the need to cut a hole in the roof to gain these benefits can be a complete turn-off. Fortunately, the reliable Oildale roofers at Ed and J United Roofing have years of experience installing these enlightening devices without any concern for roof leaks or damage. Call (661) 485-3354 for a free price quote for a fully warrantied skylight installation at your home or commercial property.

Experienced Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofs are far more complex than their residential counterparts. But commercial property owners know that Ed and J United Roofing is the only company to call for commercial roofing repairs, service, or replacement. There is always a free price quote before any work is done. And a complete warranty stands behind each service. So call (661) 485-3354 and know that your commercial roofing worries are in the hands of a professional.

Reliable New Construction

You have many decisions to make when building a new home or commercial property. And none is more important than selecting the best Oildale roofing company. At Ed and J United Roofing, we work with you to make your dreams come true within budget and on time. So call (661) 485-3354 today for the best new construction roof and customer service in the industry.