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Roof Maintenance Tips for Business Owners During Winter

Maintaining a commercial space for your business requires more than simply generating sales and keeping up outward appearances. As a business owner, knowing how to properly maintain your commercial roof during the wintertime is imperative to prevent major structural issues, water damage, leaks, and even mold growth.

Clean Gutters Regularly

Even if you own a commercial building, you will still need to take time to tend to gutters and accumulated debris on top of your roof, especially before the winter months arrive. Once snow begins to fall, it will become increasingly difficult to eliminate leaves and clogged gutters, which can lead to permanent structural damage or, in some cases, leaks into your building.

Seal Openings and Cracks

Inspecting your commercial roof will help you determine which areas require the most attention before the cold months and snow begin to arrive. Sealing any potential penetrations, such as skylights, chimneys, or even open vents, can help reduce moisture accumulation on your roof and even inside your place of business.

Maintain and Trim Surrounding Trees

If you own or lease a property that is surrounded by overgrown trees or bushes that brush up against your roof, you will also need to take care of them consistently. Trimming trees and proper landscaping can prevent them from breaking off and falling directly onto your place of business. Keep in mind that during the winter and heavy snowfalls, there is an increased risk of a branch falling onto a building or roof, especially once snow begins to accumulate on overgrown or dying branches.

Prevent Snow and Ice From Accumulating

You can opt to hire professionals to regularly remove any ice and snow from your commercial roof. This will prevent the excess weight of the snow and ice from causing structural damage to your building or significant leaks.

Ensure Proper Roof Access

Even during the wintertime, you will want to ensure proper roof access, especially if you require inspections, repairs, or a complete replacement at any time. Keep hatches, openings, and access points available and clear from ice and snow regularly to prevent buildup and blockages.

Work With Professionals

One of the best ways to ensure your commercial roof is well-protected and maintained year-round is to work with professional roofing companies. Working with professional roofing contractors is a way to gain valuable insight into the current condition of your company’s roof while learning more about the steps you can take to mitigate water damage, mold, or even structural damage.

If you are a business owner who is interested in proper maintenance and inspection of commercial roofing in Bakersfield, CA, then contact Ed & J United Roofing today. From caulking and cleaning to inspecting and replacing, we can help maintain any commercial roof with ease.

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