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How Do You Know When Your Roof Shingles Are Damaged?

Roof shingles with garret house on top of the house. dark asphalt tiles on the roof background on afternoon time. dark asphalt tiles on the roof background

The most obvious signs of damage are curling, warping, and cracking of the shingles. They may begin to fall off of your roof as well. There are other warning signs that your shingles are damaged to stay aware of. You don’t necessarily need to replace the roof. As long as the damage isn’t extensive, then […]

Professional Advice for Homeowners: How to Minimize Roof Repair Expenses

New shingle rooftop of house under construction

Regular roof maintenance is essential if you want to prevent costly roof repairs. Homeowners should include routine inspections of the roof in their seasonal maintenance schedule. Routine inspections prevent minor repairs from becoming a major hazard (and expense.) Besides our checklist, we have included a few other tips to save you money. Four Ways to […]