The Rising Cost of Roofing Materials Explained

yellow damage warning sign in front of roof of house damaged by heavy hurricane tornado storm

It seems now that every aspect of life is affected by inflation and the rising costs of goods. If you recently contacted a roofing contractor for a roof replacement or repair, you may have been shocked to find that even the estimates for the job were higher than what you had calculated. The prices of […]

4 Steps to Prep Your Roof and Gutters for Storms

A front view of an Acadian renovated home with columns, sidewalks and a colorful front door recently purchased with the changing real estate market

Once the storm season arrives in Bakersfield, California, a lot of damage can occur to your roof due to the high winds that are present throughout the region. Although Bakersfield is known to have a hot and dry climate, heavy rainfall that occurs in the fall and winter can lead to expensive repairs. Here are […]

4 Signs You Should Consider Replacing Your Roof

Asphalt Shingle Roof

Caring for your roof is an important part of maintaining the condition and quality of your home. It can be easy to forget about giving the roof attention until issues start to develop. It’s essential to be aware of a few signs that indicate it’s time to start thinking about replacing the roof on your […]

Causes of Pesky Mold on Your Roof

Green moss and frost on residential slate roof tiles

Have you ever noticed mold growing on your roof? The sight of mold on your roof may seem strange, especially if you don’t know why the mold is there. The good news is that, in most cases, what you’re seeing is algae. However, there are certain instances in which you’re actually seeing mold, and the […]

The Most Important Questions to Ask a Local Roofer

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Summers in Bakersfield, CA are very hot, with average temperatures approaching 100 degrees. This heat, coupled with all the sunshine the area receives year-round, can wreak havoc on your roof. When your roof needs maintenance or repairs, it’s important to rely on a local professional to ensure the work is completed correctly. Although there are […]

Getting Your Roof Ready for Storm Season

rain steaming away, falling on warm rooftops and cone trees with mild sunlight

As the warmer spring weather mixes with the consistent rain that Bakersfield receives this time of year, it can create the perfect storm. These storms can bring down lots of precipitation in a small amount of time. Properly preparing your roof can help to ensure all that rain makes its way down your gutters and […]

Top 3 Tips for Selecting the Right Roofing Material for Your Home

rain steaming away, falling on warm rooftops and cone trees with mild sunlight

The type of roofing material that is installed on your home significantly influences the amount of protection you have on the building. Each roofing material in the industry varies with its design, construction, and longevity. When you’re researching the right material to install on your roof deck, there are a few tips to follow to […]

4 Benefits of Having a Skylight in Your Home

Porcelain freestanding bath in designed white bathroom

Skylights can give a beautiful face-lift to a room. They not only let natural light in, but they also give a room a unique aesthetic. Skylights can be a wonderful way to spruce up a space. Here are four benefits you can enjoy when you install skylights in your home. 1. Gives You More Natural […]

Benefits of Replacing Your Roof in Spring

Roof replacement of a residential house, half replaced, half not yet

You can replace an aging roof at any time of the year to protect your home. However, you can benefit in the following ways by scheduling the service in spring. You Can Detect Deterioration Before the Next Season During the winter season, your roof deteriorates rapidly due to the accumulation of snow and moisture. As […]