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Be Smart and Get a Roof Inspection Before Hanging Holiday Lights

With the holidays coming up, you might already be thinking about hanging lights outside to make your home seem more festive. Before you get ahead of yourself, remember that safety always comes first. Make sure your roof is in good shape before you start decorating.

Look Out for Yourself

When you get up on a roof, you’re putting yourself at risk. Wearing a good set of shoes and taking precautions can help you stay safer. However, you won’t be able to protect yourself as well if the roof has been damaged. You could potentially slip on loose shingles, rotting wood, or unstable areas. This is one of the main reasons why you should have your roof thoroughly inspected before hanging your holiday decorations. A roofing contractor can make sure everything is in good shape. If there are areas of concern, the contractor can address them before you get on your roof to set up your display.

Look Out for Your Roof

Time and the elements can take their toll on a roof. The integrity of your roof may not be what it once was. As such, it may have trouble bearing the weight of decorations. A string of lights doesn’t weigh that much, but what if you decide to add light-up decorations, like a Santa or a sleigh with reindeer? Even inflatables can be a concern since they’re sometimes anchored with heavy weights. As many people know, it can be easy to get carried away with decorations, adding more and more each year. Will your roof be able to handle that weight? Have a roofer take a look at your roof to make sure it can withstand the weight of what you have planned. If it can’t, it will need to be shored up so that it can provide more strength and stability not only during the holidays but also throughout the year.

When you get an inspection, you’ll be able to reduce the chances that you’ll cause any damage by getting on your roof. Cracked tiles and leaks might not be obvious at first, but if you step on a vulnerable section, you could exacerbate the problem.

If you’re planning on hanging lights from your gutters, they’ll need to be secured properly. An inspector can assess whether water can run off your roof, into your gutters, and down your spouts the right way. Pooling water can indicate that there’s a problem with your gutters, and if you hang lights from them, you could make the problem worse.

Giving You Peace of Mind

Roofs are built to last for a long time, but problems can arise at any time. If you end up hanging your holiday lights on a roof that has been compromised in some way, you could put yourself at risk of injury and your roof at risk of damage. Be strategic and turn to Ed & J United Roofing for a roof inspection if you live in the Bakersfield area. After they’ve checked things out, you can feel free to decorate.

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