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5 Things You’ll See When Your Roof Needs Work

The roof of your home serves as protection from the elements. Not only does it block out the wind and rain, but it also regulates the temperature inside. Here are five problems that indicate your roof might need repair.

1. Curling Shingles

Asphalt shingles are a popular choice for many homeowners because they are very affordable. The shingles sit flat on top of the roof when they’re in good condition. Curling shingles are a big problem that can lead to leaks. They may develop a curl around the edge, near the middle, or in the center. Once they begin curling, you only have a limited window to replace them.

2. Algae

Even if you can’t get onto your roof, you can see signs of algae from the ground. This natural substance presents as dark streaks. You’ll usually see them running from the top of your gutters to the center of the roof. Any moisture trapped in the gutter attracts the algae, which then spreads across the roof. Algae weakens the roof’s overall structure and can cause it to fail faster than it should.

3. Sagging

You never want to see your roof sagging because this can indicate a few serious problems. One is that the roof is too heavy. This can happen after a storm blows heavy debris onto it. If you had work done in the past, the roofers might have left behind construction materials that caused the roof to sag. They might even have used too many shingles, putting too much pressure on the roof. The roof can also sag due to structural damage.

4. Granule Loss

Roof shingles have granules that often sparkle in the sunlight. These small pieces add a rough layer that prevents water damage. They can also keep a fire from spreading and stop UV light from invading your home. When the shingles lose some of their granules, you’ll often find them in your gutters or on your lawn. Granule loss is a problem because it means your roof cannot protect your home as it should.

5. Leaks

Unless you want to remediate water damage, do not ignore a leaky roof. That leak can quickly grow from a few drops dripping from the ceiling to a large crack that breaks open. Leaks can develop when you lose granules, some of your shingles pull away from the roof, or the underlayment becomes damaged. You may see leaks in the center of certain rooms or in the corners.

Watching for some of the problems that indicate your roof needs repair can help you avoid replacing it before the end of its anticipated lifespan. Those signs include leaks, missing granules, curled shingles, algae, and sagging spots. For residential roofing you can trust in Bakersfield, CA, contact Ed & J United Roofing.

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