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Essential Commercial Roofing Maintenance Tips to Follow

Upon the completion of a successful inspection by a licensed roofer, maintaining your roof will be the next order of business. Routine maintenance will ensure that your roof will remain in good condition for a long time, and no roofing problems will hinder your business operations. Consider some commercial roofing maintenance tips you can implement.

Limit the Stress on Your Roof

While commercial roofs are durable, you still want to limit the amount of stress you put on them. Do not allow anyone on the roof unless it is necessary, and limit how much you walk on your roof. For example, if you are decorating your commercial establishment for the holidays, limit the amount of time anyone is on the roof hanging the decorations, and only allow one or two people to do this job. Taking these measures will reduce the amount of stress your roof must bear.

Make Sure Your Roof Remains Clean

Debris that piles up on your roof can trap moisture, and this can create a breeding ground for mold spores and pests. Not to mention, trapped moisture will cause your roof to deteriorate, which will weaken its structural integrity. Work with a roofing company to routinely clean the debris off your roof.

Remove Gutter Clogs

When your gutters are clogged, stagnant water will remain on your roof, and this will provide the perfect environment for mold, algae, and bacteria to grow, which can damage the surface of your roof. The weight of the pooling water will also cause damage to your roof membrane and weaken its structure. Remove clogs from your gutters, and have a licensed roofer inspect your gutters for abnormalities.

Call for Help at the First Sign of Trouble

As soon as you notice there is trouble with your roof, such as missing or broken shingles, get help straight away. Ignoring major problems like these can shorten the life span of your roof.

Make Sure Nearby Trees Are Pruned Regularly

Any trees that are near your commercial establishment must be pruned regularly. If branches grow long enough that they can cause a risk to your roof from falling, you may be looking at spending thousands of dollars to repair property damage. A licensed arborist will prune your trees correctly and make sure they do not pose a risk to your building.

Schedule Regular Roofing Maintenance

Have your roof inspected twice each year to identify and repair underlying problems. A licensed roofer will check for issues, such as sagging, cracks, undetected leaks, and structural faults. Regular maintenance will ensure the roof remains strong, and it will last as long as it is designed to.

Depending on the materials used to construct a roof, it can last anywhere from 10 to 60 years. How long a roof lasts will also depend on how well it is maintained. If you want to preserve your roof and minimize business disruptions at your commercial establishment in Bakersfield, CA, call Ed & J United Roofing for commercial roofing services.

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