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4 Benefits of Having a Skylight in Your Home

Skylights can give a beautiful face-lift to a room. They not only let natural light in, but they also give a room a unique aesthetic. Skylights can be a wonderful way to spruce up a space. Here are four benefits you can enjoy when you install skylights in your home.

1. Gives You More Natural Light

You can take full advantage of the pleasant Bakersfield, CA weather when you have a skylight in your kitchen or dining room. If your vented skylight is open, allowing sunlight to stream right into your home, you can get a daily shot of vitamin D. Bakersfield has warm, sunny weather for much of the year, and you can appreciate the sun, even when you’re at your desk, working from home.

Skylights can be especially beneficial in small spaces, such as staircases or even a personal library. In both cases, they add light to an otherwise dark area. Even a walk-in closet could use more light. If you’d rather not add a lamp or install an overhead light, a skylight could be a creative solution.

2. They Help With Airflow

Installing a vented skylight in your kitchen is a great way to help ventilate the room when you’re cooking. Open up the skylight when you’re baking, grilling, or frying food to air out your space. Vented skylights in larger areas, such as living rooms, can help with humidity as well as air circulation.

3. They Improve the Energy Efficiency in Your Home

By adding skylights to various rooms, you won’t need to use artificial lighting as much, especially on overcast days. This can help reduce your overall electricity bill. Even Bakersfield has its gloomy winter weather. During these months, you may try to offset the gloom by turning on more lamps. With skylights, though, you may not need to. You can also wait to turn your lights on until later in the day.

4. They Can Help Warm Up a Room

Depending on how your skylight is positioned, your skylight can help warm up your home on cold days. If you’re enjoying a sunny day, you can bask under the skylight to soak up the warmth instead of using a space heater.

Are you thinking of installing a skylight in your home? You might be surprised to learn how many types there are to choose from. You can get dome, arched, flat, or pyramid-shaped skylights. You can also add glazing to the surface of your skylight, which will let you control UV radiation and heat. Contact us at Ed & J United Roofing to learn more.

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