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Benefits of Replacing Your Roof in Spring

You can replace an aging roof at any time of the year to protect your home. However, you can benefit in the following ways by scheduling the service in spring.

You Can Detect Deterioration Before the Next Season

During the winter season, your roof deteriorates rapidly due to the accumulation of snow and moisture. As temperatures rise, snow melts and may get under your roof. Even though Bakersfield gets only around 7 inches of snow per year, it is usually enough to damage the underlying structure. Spring is the best time to schedule an inspection of your roof before the moisture gets into your home.

Boosts Energy Efficiency

Water damage during winter can break down the granules on the shingles. The tiles lose their energy efficiency since they cannot reflect light sufficiently. Therefore, replacing it with energy-efficient roofing can reduce your home’s energy consumption. If you notice granules are missing and the tiles buckling, you may need a new roof. Deteriorating shingles can easily be torn off in a storm.

Missing shingles indicate an advanced level of deterioration. A replacement is critical to prevent water from getting into the underlying structure. You can call Ed and J United Roofing for top-notch roof replacement solutions in Bakersfield, CA.

Spring Is the Best Time for a Replacement

Inspecting a roof in winter can be hazardous. Melting snow causes slippery roofs, making the task much more challenging for roofers. According to statistics, roof falls account for a third of all construction accidents. Equipment such as pipes and vents on the roof can become trip hazards. In winter, it is also harder to get a clear line of sight to all the corners of the roof.

So, it’s advisable to consult a roofing service for repairs or replacements. Professional roofing companies have experience working with industry-grade safety equipment. Accidents can happen even with the most sophisticated gear, but professional roofers are trained to identify weak points and trip hazards.

You Get to Avoid Project Disruptions

Winter weather in Bakersfield can disrupt the project due to strong winds or rain. The roofing team may have to stop the project until the weather improves. You can expect fewer interruptions during spring. Also, roofers do not have to work around strict weather safety protocols that may delay the project.

It’s easier to book an appointment in spring with a roofing service for repairs or replacements. Request for emergency repairs rise in winter, and it could be harder to find a roofer within your budget.

Missing shingles and warping roofs are some of the symptoms your roof is approaching its end. A professional roofing company can inspect your roof’s structure and offer invaluable insights. Talk to our team from Ed and J United Roofing for unbeatable roofing services in Bakersfield, CA.

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