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5 Reasons a New Roof Should Be on Your New Year’s To-Do List

Roofs are vital parts of any home. They protect from rain, snow, and other weather, and they’re constructed to bear a lot of weight. A good roof can undoubtedly hold up to the elements and take much of what Mother Nature can throw at it. However, roofs are still made of everyday materials, so they’re susceptible to damage and often must be replaced. So, if you’re creating a to-do list for the new year, here are five reasons a new roof should be on it.

1. It’s the Right Time of Year

The new year signifies a new calendar year, of course, but it also brings winter and bad weather in most parts of the country. If you need a new roof or even roofing repairs, this is the ideal time of year to get the job done. The roofers who do these jobs for a living are usually far less busy in the winter months, so they will show up quicker to do the job. This means you have a much faster journey from start to finish.

2. Age Does Not Stop

Any wear or tear your roof already has will only worsen as time goes on. Even if it’s just aesthetic issues, it won’t be long until they start to run deeper. Getting a new roof now may help save you money in the long run

3. Damage Only Gets Worse

Just like an aging roof will only get older, a damaged roof will become more damaged. You may have a situation where you’ve already patched a leak or fixed some loose or broken shingles. These are tell-tale signs that it’s time for a replacement. Don’t let a damaged roof threaten your property. Get it replaced before it can cause costly issues.

4. You Might Need the Leverage

You may be trying to sell your home, or you may be trying to refinance it. Either way, a new roof is a good way to boost your home’s value. So many people put their repairs and remodeling cash into kitchens and bathrooms. That’s great, but if you’re ignoring the roof, your home will appraise for a lot less, costing you a lot of money.

5. Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Another reason to seriously consider throwing a new roof on your to-do list is that it’s a significant investment in your home. You have to cool your home in the summer and heat it in the winter; this means considerable energy expenses. A new roof provides fantastic insulation for your home, so it helps keep temperatures comfortable indoors, which can help lower your energy use.

Getting a new roof may be the best decision you’ve made for your home, but you’re going to need professional help. To find out a lot more about the process in the area, contact Ed & J United Roofing in Bakersfield, California for roof replacement, repair, and inspection services.

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