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Tips to Get Your Roof Winter-Ready

Caring for the roof on your Bakersfield, CA home is essential to prepare it to withstand the harshness of winter. Timely repairs and simple roof maintenance can significantly extend the life of your roof, allowing you to put off the expense of re-roofing your home. The following maintenance tips can really save your roof this winter.

Repair Existing Roof Damage

Before the winter storms arrive, fixing any existing damage to your roof is crucial. If you have to put a tarp over large areas of your roof whenever it rains, it definitely could use some attention. At the very least, have your roof inspected if it is more than 10 to 15 years old.

Previous storms or winds could have caused shingles to become torn or removed from their secure position on the roof. The flashing, which is the thin metal that goes around the perimeter of your roof, keeps it waterproof. Over time, the flashing can become dislodged, cracked, bent, or otherwise damaged, which allows rainwater and critters to get into your home’s ceilings and cause leaks and other damage. Your roof may also have problems with the waterproof seal in the “valleys,” or sections where the roof comes together.

Have Nearby Trees Trimmed

Large, mature trees add beauty to your Bakersfield, CA yard, but those big branches can come crashing down during intense winter winds or storms. Your home’s roof is not meant to withstand the force of fallen branches or other heavy debris. Any tree branches that can make contact with the roof shingles could loosen or dislodge them during inclement weather.

There’s no need to cut down trees unnecessarily, but keeping them trimmed and away from your home’s roof increases safety and prolongs your roof’s life. Fallen leaves from overhanging trees create another issue. If they pile up, moisture gets trapped between and underneath the leaves, creating the perfect environment for algae, mold, and mildew growth, which can cause your roof shingles to deteriorate over time.

Clean Out Rain Gutters

This easy home maintenance project should be done on a routine basis since you can’t see what’s inside the rain gutters from the ground to know if they need cleaning.

Clogged rain gutters can allow leaves and debris to pile up right next to your roof. The decaying leaves and the moisture trapped by them can cause the trim around your roof to rot and allow moisture to build up and seep underneath the flashing and shingles, causing ceiling leaks, dry rot, and other damage.

Give Your Roof the TLC It Needs

Taking the time to properly maintain your roof and prepare it for the winter weather saves you money by extending your roof’s lifespan. If you are proactive about roof maintenance, you can have problems fixed before they have caused too much damage. Call the pros at Ed & J United Roofing in Bakersfield for trusted roofing services.

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